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Chemistry, Physics, Biology

Although science has a reputation of being complicated and overwhelming, here at Kueis, our tutoring faculty help break down complex concepts so that students not only develop a deep understanding but are also able to extrapolate what they’ve learned and excel. 


French, an official language of Canada, is integral in any Canadian student’s academic career. We have established an engaging curriculum for all levels of French learning. Kueis also offers rigorous french exam preparation courses for AP and the DELF.


Math is in every facet of our everyday living and is crucial in helping a student develop their core problem solving skills. We provide tutoring that will teach your student learning strategies either for their schoolwork or even math competitions. 


Did you know that Spanish is the second most used language in international communication? Respond to the increasing demands of globalization and learn Spanish in a fun and engaging environment here at Kueis!


Communication is key. Whether you need help with writing, speaking, or making progress in ESL, we’ve got your back.

Chemistry, Physics, Biology