Discover French, a Canadian official language and Carrier of culture, history, and cuisine! Classes for All ages,

 all levels, DELF Prep, AP Prep, and IB Prep!


1. An International language

                                                    a.  It’s the 5th most spoken language with 300 million speakers. 88 countries French as an official language

2. Open doors to Study Abroad

           a.  Learning a second language can not only be an asset 

           on college applications, it can also allow learners to become 

eligible for schooling in another country! 

3. Language of Culture

           a. France and France and France and France and France and          France and France and French speaking countries are an epicenter 

   of rich culture  and history. Discover the language used by Victor

 Hugo, Edith Piaf, and  more!

4. Official language of Canada

           a. Communicate with French-speaking people in

 Canada and appreciate the history and evolution of their cultures

5. Language for the International Job Market

           a. French speaking candidates make up to 30% more 

than their unilingual counterparts! 

Groups Vs Private


(Class Size: 3-7)

Learn French,make friends in a fun enveirment,
and practice French with your peers!


(1 0n 1)

Accelerate Your Learning with 1 on 1 tutoring
with a personalize teaching plan and style
based on your needs!

DELF info 

Kueis Education Center is an officially recognized exam center for administering the DELF Exam, hosting DELF Exams twice a year!

The Diploma detrudes in language franchise (DELF or Diploma of  French Language Studies) is an internationally recognized 

French Language Proficiency Certificate awarded by French's national Ministry of Education. It consists of a series of independent assessments based on a scale of Language Proficiency defined in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR),

a Framework Used in Second Language  learning around the world. DELF evaluators are teachers trained and accredited by France's Centre international detrudes pedagogies.

*Extracted from the DELF Official Website  

Level info + Assessment

Here at Kueis, we want to make sure you are placed in a class that fits right for you! As such, we offer an assessment test that looks at every facet of your current level: your reading comprehension, listening comprehension, oral expression, grammar, and written expression. Based on the assessment, our French department will recommend classes that best suit your current level. 

DELF Exam Prep

In addition to our regular classes that will help you progress along the DELF scale, we also offer DELF intensive exam preparation classes. These classes are taught by our DELF Examiner Certified faculty who will equip you or your child with the insider study and exam techniques. Classes help you identify areas of improvement 

Why Take the DELF?

1. Internationally Recognized Certification of Proficiency

a. With the DELF not only will you earn recognition for your proficiency in French you will also gain a huge asset to any job or school application. This certification is globally recognized and is seen as the “golden standard” of French proficiency exams.

2. Get High School Credits and Skip Grades

 a. DELF exam is recognized by Canadian school districts and can be exchanged for High School Credits (See level equivalencies below)

3. Unlock Doors to Job/Education Opportunities

a. Many job postings require up to B2 proficiency in a second language, with French being the most sought after in Canada. Schools in      France and French speaking countries require the B1 or B2 level to apply to their post-secondary institutions.

4. Source Of Motivation

a. You or your child will have a tangible goal to work towards, increasing motivation or self discipline!

DELF Levels + High School Credit Equivalency



BC High School Equivalency


Recognizes basic language ability where the user can interact in a simple way. 

Grade 10 French

4 credits


Recognizes the linguistic company of a basic user who can communicate socially.

Grade 11 French

4 credits


Recognizes a language user who can manage with some independence in most situations encountered while traveling. 

Grade 12 French

4 credits


Recognizes a language user who is able to communicate independently in most situations: construct argument, defend opinion, explain viewpoints and negotiate.


4 credits

DALF(Professional Assessment)


Recognizes an independent language user, fluent, Spontaneous; extensive vocabulary; clear, well-structured discourse without hesitation.



Recognizes an advanced language user; precise,

 fluent, spontaneous use in advanced-level and 

academic  situations.


DELF Success @ Kueis Education Centre

AP Info

The Advanced Placement French Exam allows student to skip the AP French Full year program and allows students to receive High School and University credits. The AP is also an asset for any school application that demonstrates a student’s ability to challenge themselves and excel at a University level.

The  AP Exam tests the following areas:









Kueis Offers AP preparation classes that target the tested areas of the AP exam. Teachers will help your child familiarize themselves with the exam format, criteria, and expectations through instruction and mock exams.

Students Success: scores, etc.

Over 400 of our students have earned their DELF Certification!



Many of our Students received a 5 (Full Score) for the AP French!

Fiona C.

  • National Lauriat of French for the Future French Essay Contest: “Les Benefits d’un ‘Eco’-le”
  • Selected for CBC’s Francophone Journalism Program 
  • Watch the Report here:    
  • 800 Full Marks French SAT
  • AP French Full Mark 5
  • DELF B2: 95.5%

As a student who had always been interested in French language and culture, I knew I wanted to take my proficiency to the next level. I decided to seek out a French tutoring service to help me achieve my goals. I wanted to improve my French skills and excel in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the Advanced Placement (AP) French language and culture exam.

With the help of my tutors, I was able to achieve so much more than I ever thought possible. I was able to achieve the highest level in the Diploma deludes in Langue Françoise (DELF), with a score of 95.5%. I also scored 800 full marks in the French section of my SAT and got a 5 in my AP French language and culture exam.

I was also able to participate and win a national French essay contest and got a $2000 scholarship from the University of British Columbia. I was able to audition and be selected for a francophone journalism program called Jeuninfo, at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where I self directed a program in French that was broadcasted on national television.

I am so grateful for the guidance and support of my tutors. They helped me turn my passion for French into a reality, and I couldn't have done it without their help. They pushed me to work harder and to believe in myself, and it paid off in the end.

Student Accomplishments


Ying Z - B1 98%
 Sonia W - B 91%
 Angela Y - A1 96.5%
 Ken Y - B 93%

Yuqin A. R. - B2 94.5%
 Elaine Q.  - A 97%
 Ann  P. - A1 96.5%
 Steven Z.  - A 91%
Advanced Placement
(AP  French)
Vicky  C - 5 (Full Marks)
 David Z. - 5 (Full Marks)
 Joseph C - 5 (Full Marks)
 Kevin P - 5(Full Marks)

French For the Future National French Essay Contest

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