With years of teaching experience, KEC has optimized various teaching methods to provide students with the best French learning environment. Our teachers are all qualified with teaching experience and mastery in the French language.

We develop a teaching plan to meet each student’s needs, ranging from beginners with no French experience, people looking to build upon their foundation in the language, or people who need French for school or work requirements. You can rely on KEC to provide you with a rich French learning experience.


  • French SAT & AP exams

  • Adult corporate French training and consulting 

  • Choose your own pace !

group  Lessons 

  • Small class sizes              (<10 students per class)

  • Engaging group activities

  • Weekly evaluations to track your child’s progress

Group Levels:

Beginner Classes

  • For students who have never had any prior experience
  • Covers basics in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar
  • Builds the foundation to converse in the French language and finally acquire a certain degree of French proficiency

Intermediate Classes

  • For students who have had 2+ years of French language learning
  • Covers essay writing, syntactic learning and conversational skills
  • Develops an intermediate language proficiency with an all-around grasp on the French language

Advanced Classes

  • For independent speakers of French who can maintain discussions and defend their opinion in French
  • Develops a stronger foundation in their writing and conversational skills, the advanced classes work to further hone these skills and prepare them towards taking the DELF B1/B2 exams
  • Analysis and discussion of various types of literature and lively debates on current exams while continuing to strengthen their grammar skills


  • For those who are proficient in French are designed for those wanting to specialize in a particular French-speaking field of work
  • Whether it be culinary studies, university French courses, preparation for the DALF C1/C2 exams, or your desire to go to a Francophone country for work or school, these classes here at Kueis help you through your transition, providing you with the help you need.

AP French 

Advanced Placement Exams allow students to get credits for university courses, saving you and your child time and money. The AP French language and culture exam is unique in its design. The exam requires that students are not only proficient in spoken and written expression and understanding, 


The Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF or Diploma of French Language Studies) is an internationally recognized French Language Proficiency Certificate awarded by France’s national Ministry of Education.

Why take the DELF? 

  • Provides concrete proof of your French proficiency

  • Is an internationally recognized diploma 

  • Boosts a professional or academic resumé

  • Is required for many government jobs

  • Is required for admission to universities in France

  • Gives you BC High School Credits for French


Professional  Team 

  • Our French interactors are all certified DELF examiner 

  • 10+ Years of French instruction

  • Mother tongue in French