At KEC, math is taught either privately or in small classes of up to 6 per class, each led by an experienced teacher. Our teaching is aimed to enhance students’ learning experiences, boost grades, and provide a strong foundation for university.

We have a team of proficient teachers that understand students’ needs for schoolwork and math contests.

Math Contests 

The story began in 1963 when a group of secondary school teachers developed the first mathematics contest in Ontario. From that spark, the CEMC has grown into one of Canada’s foremost authorities on mathematics and computer science for young people.

AP Class 
Advanced Placement  

Taking an AP course helps students build critical thinking skills, confidence, and the essential time management and study skills needed for post-secondary success. 

Student can earn higher grade point averages in university and have higher graduation rates than their non-AP peers. 

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Teaching Specialties:

▼ Equal emphasis on school content and extra practice ▼ Emphasis on building a strong mathematical foundation ▼ Wide question bank from private schools in Canada and the United States ▼ Motivates self-learning and approaches to solve a problem ▼ Enriches logical thinking and deduction ability

K1-12 Groups

We offer a team of experienced teachers that understands the students’ needs for school and math contests. At Kueis, math is taught in small classes of up to 6 per class. Our teaching is aimed to enhance the students’ learning experience, boost grades, and provide a strong foundation for university

University Credential Courses

Choose to earn internationally recognized and transferable credits in BC. The province’s seamless transfer system allows you to transfer between any recognized public and private education institutions in British Columbia without losing your credit or applying for a change of your study permit.

Enriched Math and Sciences Classes

▼ Small class of 3 to 6 students ▼ Focuses on the BC curriculum with additional preparation for SAT, IB, and AP ▼ Provides the students with a motivating learning environment ▼ Provides the student with extra help after classes

Professional  Team 



  • 10+ years of Physic teaching experience 

  • Prepared students for AP Physics, IB Physics  



  • PhD in Physical Chemistry 
  • Tutoring students in Science in French and English 
  • Prepare students for AP French Science