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The Kueis Spanish Program is tailored for children from 5 years to teenagers. Oral communication is stressed at all levels. Kueis center has a variety of Spanish level programs to meet the needs of the students. The mayor objective is the development of the four key communication skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Kueis offers groups class for students (5 – 17 years old)

  • Kindergarten (5 – 6 years old)
    • This program will be completely oral with emphasis in the process of writing and reading in Spanish.
    • The activities will be focus on learning about alphabet, pronunciation, writing, reading and vocabulary.
  • Junior Levels  (6 – 10 years old
    • Junior Beginner (A1)
    • Junior intermediate (A1-A2)
    • Junior Intermediate-Advanced (A2)
    • Junior Advanced (B1)
  • Senior Levels (11 – 17 years old)
    •    Senior Beginner (A1)
    •    Senior  intermediate (A2)
    •    Senior  Intermediate-Advanced  (B1)
    •    Senior Advanced  (B2)

The textbooks chosen to accomplish this objective are based on the communicative approach.

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