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At KEC, math and sciences are taught in small classes of up to 6 per class each led by an experienced teacher. Our teaching is aimed to enhance the students’ learning experience, boost grades, and provide a strong foundation for university.
We have a team of proficient teachers that understands the students’ needs for school and math contests.
Teaching specialties:
▼ Equal emphasis on school content and extra practice
▼ Emphasis on building a strong mathematical foundation
▼ Wide question bank from private schools in Canada and the United States
▼ Motivates self-learning and approaches to solve a problem
▼ Enrich logical thinking and deduction ability

Enriched Math and Sciences Classes:
▼ Small class of 3 to 6 students
▼ Focuses on the BC curriculum with additional preparation for SAT, IB, and AP
▼ Provides the students with a good learning environment
▼ Provides the student with extra help after classes *
*There is a study session on Sunday afternoons from 3pm to 5pm. Please register at the front desk.
We charge an additional $20 application fee for new students.
New students registered in summer classes that apply for regular classes in September and pay a $50 deposit will receive a 5% discount on September to December tuition fees.

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