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▼K1-12 Groups
We offer a team of experienced teachers that understands the students’ needs for school and math contests. At Kueis, math and science are taught in small classes of up to 6 per class. Our teaching is aimed to enhance the students’ learning experience, boost grades, and provide a strong foundation for university.

▼University courses tutoring
Math 10 Provincial preparation class.
SAT/IB/AP preparation classes for calculus, physics, chemistry, and biology.

▼Credential Courses
Choose to earn internationally recognized and transferable credits in BC. The province’s seamless transfer system allows you to transfer between any recognized public and private education institutions in British Columbia without losing your credit or applying for a change of your study permit.


We charge an additional $20 application fee for new students.
New students registered in summer classes that apply for regular classes in September and pay a $50 deposit will receive a 5% discount on September to December tuition fees.

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