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Are you thinking of heading to Canada for your studies but do not know where to go and are lost in the application process? Are you undecided on the department or field of your studies? Here at KEC we hire experienced career counsellors who provide one-on-one sessions to provide for you a step by step process for applying to and studying in Canadian schools. These professional analyses are tailored to each student’s needs to find the best way to apply to school, which considers the student’s education, experience, interest, time of stay, budget and employment ideals, and education systems. We make good use of the latest resources of each school to effectively provide relevant recommendations and advice for students.

  1. Submitting an application

The professional consultant will submit the application documents for the student. First, they will review the documents for the students, and assist in completing the application form and send it according to the students’ wishes.

  1. Response from Institutions

After sending the documents, KEC will receive a letter of response from the school in about 4 to 8 weeks. Some schools may require in person or over the phone interviews. If you are accepted, KEC will receive an admission letter from the institution.

  1. Acceptance and Payments

If the acceptance letter does not ask for any additional documents to be sent such as IELTS results, past academic records…etc, KEC will proceed to notify you and should you accept the admission, you can proceed to the next step. You are able to pay your deposit at KEC; if the payment is made by cheque, you write the cheque to the school you will be attending and KEC will handle all the remaining paperwork as well as send out the cheque for you!

  1. Follow up

To ensure that your transition into your new school goes smoothly, KEC will keep in touch with you. Do not hesitate to contact KEC again if you have any questions!

Top Schools in Canada: Help in the Application Process

As Canadian universities and post-secondary institutions continue to rise on the world stage, showcasing their well-established programs, the prospective students of these institutions increase year by year. Here at KEC, we know how stressful the process of applying to schools may be, especially with the rising competition. With years of experience under our belt of guiding and supporting students through this application process and knowing exactly what kind of barriers students may face, the number of students successfully getting in to the school of their dreams, with our help, increases. If you feel like you need that extra support, contact us for a consultation and we will happily develop an academic plan with you to help you succeed in post-secondary endeavors.

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