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KEC has a team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants, who will make personalized plans according to students’ needs and goals and guide them through the process of applying to post-secondary institutions. KEC consultants will have detailed one-on-one meetings with parents and take into consideration students’ current grades, backgrounds, and interests to suggest various cities, schools and programs to suit their needs. Furthermore, KEC consultants will guide students through all the steps of the application process and provide resources and guidance for if students want to stay in Canada after their studies.

 Services provided:

  1. Application Guidance and Consultation

KEC not only collaborates with many schools within Canada but also have consultants who are continuously updated on and understand the education policy within Canada, providing students and parents with the newest information and resources concerning post-secondary education and the application process. Furthermore, KEC can help rearrange the necessary interviews and tours for each institution to help in your decision.

  1. School Application

KEC offers help for students or those who are currently working who wish to apply to university, college, continuing studies, technical schools, language school, or boarding school.

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