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Aside from helping students succeed in their school application process and their school academics during their studies in Canada, we can also take care of all aspects of the settling down, so that students do not have to constantly worry in their time here in Canada!

  1. Guidance before entering Canada

KEC consultants will have phone sessions and explain students and/or their parents the overview of what the studying abroad process will be, including living conditions, the environment in which they will study…etc. and answer all questions and worries students may have.

  1. Pick up from Airport

After having confirmed the flight number and arrival time online and with students before they depart, KEC representatives will be welcoming them at the airport on the date of their arrival. Once they land, KEC representatives will be contacting the students through online messaging to ensure that they have safely arrived and gone through the gates. Once we have met up with the students, we will contact their guardians right away to ensure them of their child’s successful arrival and safety! We want to be here for them every step of the way.

  1. Homestay settlement

We also assist students in settling down at your homestay and introduce them to their new family. If they were to have any concerns, we ask that they please contact us as soon as possible and we will try our best to accommodate their needs and find them a different home if that is needed.

  1. Visa Application

KEC will collect the necessary documents from students and will fill out all related submission forms and follow up with the progress of their status.

  1. Academic Advising

We will continue to touch base with students, to understand their current situations and update their guardians accordingly. This includes but is not limited to, providing report cards and course schedules to parents as well as academic advising for the students, so that both students and their parents can rest assured.

  1. Assistance outside of Academics

To fully support our students and their new life here in Canada, KEC also assists students in their everyday life; we aid students in applying for health insurance, opening up a bank account, setting up a cellphone number, booking flights to and from their home country, and everything in between.

  1. Guardian Service

Given the Canadian law, minor international students must have a guardian; therefore, KEC will arrange for our minor students, reliable, legal, and appropriate button to change this text.

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