Academic Consultation – International and Domestic students

////Academic Consultation – International and Domestic students
Academic Consultation – International and Domestic students2019-03-09T01:23:09+00:00

Here at KEC our consultants do our best guiding you through your time studying abroad or locally in Canada as well as answering all your questions about how to succeed in your academic endeavors. Many students have questions such as:

  • Which city in Canada do I choose for my studies?
  • How do I get in to the top schools of Canada?
  • Which schools are the most suitable for my learning style and my academic goals?
  • How do I come out of ESL?
  • Which career options should I pursue?
  • What are the next steps I should take to ensure my success in academics?

Often, these questions are not answered to its fullest and over 70% of students are misinformed about their international studies or are unable to attain admission into their desired school. KEC is a legitimate and established agency with a team of consultants who put the needs of prospective and current students first, with over 10 years of experience and long-lasting connections and collaborations with top schools in Canada, successfully admitting their students into the school of their dreams. Our professional consulting program focuses on the importance of education and provides one-on-one personalized consultation to ensure the student’s success. If you would like more details, please contact us through phone or come down to book a consultation session.

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