Kueis Education Centre has been providing students of all ages with quality education since 1999. We have a strong focus on providing individualized programs for each student to help them realize their full potential – whether it be in French, Science, English or Spanish.
Our experienced instructors are extremely dedicated in creating a well-supported and positive atmosphere for their students – one in which they can reach their goals and objectives for personal, career and educational development. With smaller classes ranging from language learning to professional development, we are here to help.

Our Mission

Kueis Education Centre is committed to quality education. In order to ensure such quality of teaching within an engaging and welcoming environment, we employ professional faculty teams to tailor learning materials to the needs of students. We also have a comprehensive database of testing schedules to help students grow and continuously improve in their academic endeavors. Personal development is our educational purpose.

Our philosophy

KEC strives to engage its students in developing a rigorous educational attitude. KEC not only requires students to work hard in their studies, but also encourages students to develop their specific interests in their education as well. We have the most professional, full-time faculty team that teaches with advanced educational concepts, standardized textbooks, study guides, updated teacher resources, exam questions and management systems, using a variety of advanced educational technologies and software. This allows the needs of students to be fulfilled and for parents to feel secure in their child’s education.

Our promise

With professional and established teachers, first-class facilities, and a challenging yet engaging teaching environment to meet the growing demand for language education, KEC cultivates talents with international prospects and accompanies their students in achieving their full potential.

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