Kueis Education Centre is committed to quality education. In order to ensure such quality of teaching within an engaging and welcoming environment, we employ professional faculty teams to tailor learning materials to the needs of students. We also have a comprehensive database of testing schedules to help students grow and continuously improve in their academic endeavors. Personal development is our educational purpose.



What our students say about Kueis

I will never forget when I first contacted KEC and the guidance I received; KEC has always put my needs first. I remember when I was in a dilemma, the KEC student service team did not hesitate to give me a helping hand. Even though I have already left Canada and am back in Taiwan, KEC team still cares for me like a friend. When I lost my way, KEC gave me priceless guidance. I got into the school that I wanted, New Imagine College’s Film Performance program. Applying what I have learned in my time in Canada to my current career, and doing a good job, and I just want to give all my thanks to the advice given to me by the KEC professional consultant.

Ai-ge, Chen

The first time I came into contact with KEC was through a friend. I often hear from my friends that KEC professional consultants are bold, like to make friends, and do not treat students as customers. They solve the problems in our studies and life in a supportive and friendly way. I was still skeptical at the beginning even until I came to Canada to report. Upon contacting with KEC, the doubts in my heart completely went away. The consultants are so friendly and enthusiastic and were my family away from my home. For me who just came to a foreign land, the fear in my heart was able to go away. After visiting the KEC office, both hardware and software equipment were very professional and modern, and the study abroad information was very complete which all helped me settle in faster in Vancouver and adapt to my new environment. KEC also often organizes a variety of activities in all the seasons, allowing international students to experience the local customs and enjoy the good mountains of Canada. Then, before I knew it, I completed my studies here easily and smoothly, and I also got the diploma I want. This wonderful study experience is thanks to the Kueis Education Center team. They gave me the most professional guidance and assistance. Vancouver is already like my second home, and one day I will come back.

Reff Yeh

Much thanks to Kueis Education Centre for helping me with everything related to my studies and the difficult aspects and miscellaneous tasks of the application of the visa. The team was always so patient in answering all my questions and helped me successfully obtain a 3-year working visa. KEC solved a lot of frustrating problems I was dealing with which not only included student permit and working visa but also the whole my studies process. I highly recommend KEC.

Heng-Hsuan Lee

Back in China I did not take any English standardized test, so when I came to Canada the level of my English was not very good. My English grades were not good enough to go to any university I wanted to go to; however, after my friend recommended me Kueis Education Centre, I was not only able to get help in the application process to universities but also attended English classes to better my English. Because of KEC I was able to get into and graduate from SFU! Thank you so much to KEC; without their help I wouldn’t have even known when I would be able to attend a Canadian university, let alone graduate from one. Not only was I provided assistance in learning, but the help of the visa was also very professional and efficient. I highly recommend KEC to all international students.

The KEC team was so quick in helping me get settled in to Vancouver life. They helped me find a homestay and organized for us international students so many fun events. Through KEC’s support, I was also able to attend my dream school, UBC. KEC is like a second home to many international students. Thank you Kueis.

Tiffany Yang

Since finding KEC for consulting 3 years ago for my application to UBC from Columbia College, I was always very thankful to the KEC team for being so responsible, attentive to detail so that everything runs smoothly, allowing me to successfully transfer into UBC. Throughout these years I’ve also come to KEC for help in applying for my visas. All I had to do was prepare some documents for them and they did everything else for me. Convenient, fast, reliable, and very trustworthy.

Elton Luo
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