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▼Beginner Classes
Beginner Classes offered at KEC set the foundation in French language learning for students who have never had any prior experience. These courses start with the basics in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar to eventually work on achieving the ability to converse in the French language and finally acquire a certain degree of French proficiency.

▼Intermediate Classes
The intermediate French Classes offered at KEC provide an enriched learning environment in which students are strengthened in essay writing, syntactic learning and conversational skills. Through practical grammar exercises, weekly tests, literature studies, and thorough discussions on current events, students develop an intermediate language proficiency with an all-around grasp on the French language.

▼Advanced Classes
As students develop a stronger foundation in their writing and conversational skills, the advanced classes work to further hone these skills and prepare them towards taking the DELF B1/B2 exams. Through analysis and discussion of various types of literature and lively debates on current exams while continuing to strengthen their grammar skills, the advanced classes supply with the students a pro-active learning environment and tools to pave their way to becoming proficient in French.

These classes for those that are already proficient in French are designed for those wanting to specialize in a particular French-speaking field of work. Whether it be culinary studies, university French courses, preparation for the DALF C1/C2 exams, or your desire to go to a Francophone country for work or school, these classes here at Kueis help you through your transition, providing you with the help you need.

For more information as well as the availability in these classes, please contact us at 604-288-8152 or visit our location at #5510 8181 Cambie Road, Richmond B.C.
New students will be charged $20 application fee.

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