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What is the DELE?

DELE Spanish Diplomas are official titles certifying degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, granted by Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. (Source:

DELE Spanish Diplomas are divided in six levels


A1: Beginner
A2: Elementary
B1: Intermediate
B2: Advanced


C1: Proficient
C2: Mastery

DELE Preparation at KEC

At Kueis we have classes in preparation of the DELE exam; set two months prior to the exam, these intensive group courses use rigorous curricula to fully prepare our students for their respective exams. This includes full mock exams, written assignments likened to the ones on the DELE, listening and reading comprehension exercises and speaking practices where fellow students are able to learn from and help each other, under the guidance and direction of the teacher who evaluates each task. We also have one-on-one preparation classes throughout the year.

Furthermore, we are able to facilitate the application process and apply for you, as well as reminding you of the dates beforehand.

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